Korean Woman Shares How She Sexually Assaulted Australian Boy, Gets arrested immediately

A South Korean woman in Darwin, Australia, was arrested on charges of producing child abuse materials and harming a child.

The child exploitation materials were posted on the Korean site, called Womad, known for its extreme viewpoints.

The woman is a member of WOMAD, an extremist feminist website. 

She posted a series of images with texts that detailed how she drugged and abused an Australian boy.

“Lolita is a crime but Shotacon is a respected preference ^느^

There’re a lot of facilities that are connected together where I work, like an outdoor pool and a pension where you can stay.

A XXX young boy who came with his family caught my eye at the pool, so I decided on him.”

— Anonymous Woman

She drugged the child by mixing a sleeping pill into a cup of orange juice.

“I crushed up the sleeping bill into powder and added it to the orange juice.

Since he loves to swim, he came out to the the outdoor pool by himself around 11 pm.

I gave him the juice and he drank it without suspicion ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Then he started getting dizzy and fell over

I picked him up and took him to his family, letting them know that I’ll bring him back to their room since he’s tired.”

— Anonymous Woman

Then the nightmare began as she started his crime.

“I waited for his family to fall asleep and began my work around 2 am.

I won’t go into detail about what I did to him since it may give away my identity.

Since I work here, I can go around anywhere freely with a master key.”

— Anonymous Woman

She uploaded photos that showed videos of a naked boy.

The Australian Police Department immediately arrested the woman and had set a court date to determine the severity of her crimes.

Investigations into the woman’s activities began in both South Korea and Australia.

However, netizens began to realize that her story didn’t make sense and began an investigation by themselves.

It was soon revealed that the anonymous woman was actually lying.

The images of the boys she uploaded were actually from a Youtube video.


The screen captures were from a video where a sister joked around with his sleeping brother.

It was far from pedophiliac.

The proper authorities are looking into the situation to investigate the anonymous woman’s crimes.

Source: Kyung Hyang News