26-Year-Old Woman Brutally Murdered In Jeju At A Guest House

A young woman was found dead near the guest house, and the manager is the prime suspect of the murder.

Korean women are terrified of staying in guesthouses right now after a 26-year-old woman was found brutally murdered in Jeju guesthouse.

The tourist, who had booked to stay at the guesthouse for two nights alone, was found dead in an abandoned house 5m from the Donae Guesthouse. They suspect she was strangled to death.

Officers from the Jeju Dongbu Police Station were already investigating the girl’s disappearance when she stopped contacting her family a few days before her body was found. Police had met with the 33-year-old manager of the guesthouse, a few days before the body was found.

The location of the guesthouse where the body was found. Image: Yonhap News

After the police questioned the manager about the body again, he disappeared and is suspected to have fled Jeju Island. Police are tracking him down in the Gyeonggi-do area.

The murder suspect.

A nearby guesthouse owner said when the news of the murder got out, many women traveling to Jeju alone canceled their reservations.

Another said the incident exposed problems of the party culture within youth hostels and guesthouses.

Korea has some of the safest statistics in the world, but women are now scared to travel alone.

“Even though our country has good security for women, it’s still hard for us to travel alone.” — Burikang

Women are sharing advice to people traveling alone, suggesting guests no longer book into a shared room but pay more for a couple or family room for safety.

Source: Dispatch