Korean YouTuber Under Fire For Racist Comments

She released a long apology letter about her past actions and her promise to become a better person.

Sunny, a Korean-American YouTuber, is under fire after screenshots of her using a racially derogatory word in the past resurfaced.

Sunny is a popular makeup artist who has over 1 million followers on her YouTube account, where she introduces tutorials and K-Beauty trends.

Her personal posts from years ago became an issue as she had used “n*gga” quite frequently on her personal Instagram account.

Not only did she use derogatory racial words, fans were disappointed by her choice of words and phrasing.

“I’m at school and I wanna kill myself. Separate me from these lame n*ggas. Omghnmgg and I have Prep school later #bye” — Sunny

  • “Ha, is there no more beauty Youtubers left to watch…Ha…”
  • “Hul..bye..farewell…”
  • “What is this, I thought she was a really good person.”

After her old posts became viral throughout the Korean community, she formally apologized for her actions through her Instagram post, as well as her YouTube community.

“First up, I admit to using the racial slur. I used the word “nigga” to be exact, around the end of middle school up until sophomore year. I used it thinking it was just a slang everyone around me used. No matter what race, people around me then used the slur as a word of friendship, like “homie” or “friend.” Hearing it from school and anywhere else where there were my peers, I was influenced.” — Sunny

After admitting to her faults, she revealed that she’s always been embarrassed by the fact that she used to use these racial terms.

“However, I started to think more about what word I was really saying, and knowing the history, it’s unacceptable. No matter what context, I shouldn’t have used the word. Even before this community post, I’ve always been terribly embarrassed for having used this word in the past. I’m glad I can let apologize officially right now. In addition, I am not a racist. But because I used this word when I was 14 through 16ish, I have nothing to really explain. I’m cringing at my past self. I apologize for the usage of this word, and I will always reflect on this for the rest of my life.” — Sunny

She promised to reflect on her past and become a better influencer in social media.

“I’m very embarrassed by my past problematic self that I used these certain words, not knowing the history and just blurting things on the internet. Me being an adult now and not 15 anymore, I have no means/thoughts to use any of these words again, and I can tell you clearly that won’t use them again. Ever. Through this post, I hope more people (including me) make sure and make a habit of thinking deeply about the words before they write or say it. I’ll try harder to become a better influencer. And once again, I apologize deeply.” — Sunny

You can read her full English apology here.

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