Korean YouTuber’s Reaction To Gordon Ramsay Burger Goes Viral

“What I ate today, however, was not it…”

YouTuber BIGFACE who has amassed 570K followers on YouTube reacted after visiting The Gordon Ramsay Burger restaurant in Seoul.

BIGFACE | @bigfacetv/Instagram

The YouTuber uploaded a video titled, “Why ‘The Gordon Ramsay Burger’ Is So Expensive.

“Why The Gordon Ramsay Burger Is So Expensive” | BIGFACE/YouTube

The Gordon Ramsay Burger has been a hot issue ever since its launch in early January of this year. The burger restaurant has received awe and condemnation from patrons alike for its expensive burgers.

Customers line up for Gordon Ramsay Burger on its opening | The Korea Times

The YouTuber visited the restaurant located in the Lotte World mall in the Jamsil neighborhood of Seoul.

Lotte World Mall | Agoda

The YouTuber immediately, upon being seated, stated how he wasn’t impressed by the restaurant’s decor.

Considering the price, the place should feel like a restaurant, and it failed to do so.


The YouTuber, however, did have high praises for the restaurant’s milkshake.

It tastes better than McDonald’s, and it was pretty tasty.


As for the YouTuber’s ₩140,000 KRW (about $111 USD) 1966 Burger, the YouTuber couldn’t say the same.

I thought the patty would be much juicier. However, the patty is so dry that it breaks apart extremely easily. I like my hamburgers juicy, so there was much left to be desired. As for the taste, it was extremely salty, to the extent that I couldn’t taste anything else.


The YouTuber did, however offer a caveat saying seeing how the burger restaurant was so successful it must mean that it did consider what Koreans liked but then stated the burger restaurant needed to do some Seoul searching to truly be embraced by its Korean patrons.

Seeing how many Koreans have visited Gordon Ramsay Burger must mean they made an effort to localize the food to Korean customers’ tastes. What I ate today, however, was not it. Despite the burger restaurant saying they tried their best to meet the tastes of Koreans, I feel they lack an understanding of what Koreans like. The burger that I ate is totally for Westerners.


The YouTuber ended his review by throwing ketchup salt to the wound stating all the fancy affaire was for naught.

I am sure the truffle sauce that comes with the burger is more expensive, but I prefer ketchup.


Source: Wikitree
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