Wife Of Koreana Hotel President Left Horrifying Message Before Committing Suicide

She was more afraid to live than to die.

Lee Mi Ran, the wife of Koreana Hotel‘s President Bang Yong Hoon, jumped into the Han River in September 2016 and ended her life.

It was revealed that she left a frightening message to her brother before leaving this world. In the letter she wrote, “I tried everything I could to keep going, but how could I win Bang Yong Hoon? I’m scared but this is the only way.” Moreover, she wrote in her will, “If I fail at my attempt and survive, I am more afraid of what cruel treatment my husband they call Bang Yong Hoon will do to me from behind than my determination to die.”


Before Lee Mi Ran’s death, rumors claimed that she lived in the basement for 4 months. She later wrote in her will that she “lived in the basement for 4 months like an invisible person and began crumbling away since the day she was forcefully kicked out.”

A former housekeeper testified to Lee Mi Ran’s statement in her will:

They would have a party with their friends on the 1st floor eating food and laughing, but the madam would eat 2 sweet potatoes and 2 eggs in the morning. Later, her stomach was so empty a stench came from her mouth.

ㅡ Former housekeeper


Lee Mi Ran’s brother continued to vent out his anger towards Bang Yong Hoon.

How can he say that she’s been cremated and it’s done with without even a funeral or one word to us? It’s not like she hasn’t thought about divorce. But the lawyers all said it was impossible. They even said to destroy the data that showed we even brought it up. That Chosun Ilbo would indirectly attack them and their company would go out of business.

ㅡ Lee Mi Ran’s brother


Moreover, when Lee Mi Ran was forced to be taken to the hospital, she changed the direction of the ambulance and went to her family’s home. Photos taken by her mother from that day showed Lee Mi Ran with bruises all over her arms, armpits and legs. Her clothes were also ripped.


An official who took a look at the photos stated that the injuries were signs of pressure and that it was most likely the result of an assault.

These are signs of pressure. You can see various abrasions and hypodermal bleeding and it is obviously a result of an assault. The injuries are too many to believe it was done by one person.

ㅡ Official


When asked about his wife, Bang Yong Hoon replied, “I’ll say one thing. I only want to speak with people. Can’t you tell when you look at the situation?” And when asked if the “people” he was referring to was Lee Mi Ran’s family, he made it clear that he had nothing to do with them.

Her family? No, why would I want to speak with them.

ㅡ Bang Yong Hoon

Source: TV Daily