Koreans Reveal Average Age Of First Sexual Experience Through Survey

3000 Koreans between the ages of 18-69 participated in the survey that asked multiple questions regarding the age of their first sexual experience and if they have participated in prostitution in any way.

The study had been initiated to analyze the current sexual consciousness of the nation, as well as to create and promote prevention strategies against infectious diseases obtained from prostitution.

According to the survery, males on average reported having their first sexual experience at 21.8 years old, while females had theirs at 23.9 years old.

Prostitution experience on the other hand, yielded some surprising results. 23.1% of males claimed they’d had experience with prostitution, while only 2.6% of females said they had.

The candidates had further been asked as to whether they would like to remain their gender, or change into the opposite gender for their next life. Regarding this question, 42.9% of women preferred to be born as a man in their next life, while only 12.6% of men preferred vice-versa – a 30.3% difference.

Current gender satisfaction had also revealed a wide range of difference. The overall satisfaction with males for their own gender proved to be 84.7/100, while for women it was 57.1/100, which is a little over average. Cited reasons of these results for women include “societal restrictions” as well as “giving birth” and “rearing children” – all jobs that point back to strict gender roles in Korea for women.

According to additional recent data, minors are becoming more sexually active with an increase of 10% from 2013 to 2015. While that number is growing, only half of them report using any form of contraceptives.

Source: Segye Ilbo