Koreans Criticise Sulli Claiming Her Photo Mocked The Disabled

Sulli was involved in a controversy once more after her uncomfortable poses were regarded as an insult against the disabled. 

Last February 27th, Sulli posted photos of her night drinking with Goo Hara through her personal Instagram account. However, it was Sulli’s poses in particular that caught the most attention. She took an unconventional manner of posing for the photo, leaning against Hara while putting toys in her mouth and her eyes up.


The unconventional poses were regarded by netizens as degrading to those with living with a disability. This was the second time that Sulli was involved in such discussion. Previously, she posted a similar photo on her personal Instagram account and posed with a twisted body and distorted look.


Despite the hot discussion, however, there were opinions defending Sulli and her recent SNS posts. Some fans commented that the photos were simply memories from her fun night with Hara and there was no need to add further meaning to it.



Source: Dispatch