Koreans Discovered How Much Won Bin Makes From CFs And It Blew Their Minds

“No wonder he doesn’t work.”

Actor Won Bin recently held a fansign event at a furniture shop in Seoul and attracted interest from fans about his recent activities.


The actor has not appeared much on television in the past 8 years since his marriage to actress Lee Na Young.


He has, however, continued to film numerous CFs and model for various brands. According to the panel of the program Sintong Bangtong, Won Bin has appeared on approximately 40 CFs since 2010, receiving about $540,000-$630,000 USD per CF.


That would mean he made at least $21.6 million USD! He has reportedly even bought a building in the luxurious neighborhood of Cheongdam-dong.

“Won Bin has appeared in about 40 CFs since 2010. The pay he receives for each CF is about $540,000-$630,000 USD. Let’s say he made $540,000 per CF, that’s still over $21.6 million USD. I heard he recently bought a building in Cheongdam-dong.”  ㅡ Panel Member


After hearing how much Won Bin made from CFs and modeling alone, Korean netizens’ minds were blown away.

  • “I wouldn’t work if I were him either. I guess there are people who live like that after all…”
  • “Wow…he’ll probably appear in a movie just out of boredom.”
  • “No wonder he doesn’t work.”
  • “I can see why everyone’s dying to become a celebrity. But seriously, their pay has been getting too expensive lately.”
  • “Is he a corporation? Damn…”
  • “That’s incredible.”
  • “This is why he doesn’t make movies…he makes hundreds of thousands of dollars just by filming a couple of advertisements.”
  • “He must want to live a thousand years…what more could he want…?”


Some netizens were a little critical about the fact that Won Bin had not appeared on a single drama or movie for the past 8 years, when his profession was an actor.

  • “This is just my personal opinion but even if he wasn’t involved in any scandals or mistakes, I prefer an actor like Lee Byung Hun who shows great acting in various works over a secluded actor like him, even if Lee Byung Hun was involved in some controversies. I want to see an actor act, not hear about how well they’re doing.”
  • “Let’s make a law that kicks out any actor who doesn’t participate in a work for over 5 years lol.”
  • “Won Bin must have changed his job from actor to advertisement model.”
  • “Let’s remove ‘actor’ from his title.”
  • “Won Bin is no longer an actor. He’s just a top CF model…I hope he learns from actors like Choi Min Sik and Lee Byung Hun…You think they make movies because they don’t have money? They’re making them cause that’s their job.”
  • “In the world of hell Joseon, handsome stupid people make better money than ugly people who study their butts off.”


Others were simply jealous he had the capability to make so much money.

  • “There are so many people who don’t even have $90,000 USD. Eh, I wanna die…”
  • “I think Won Bin has a son too. He must be living a great life spending time with his family and not working like others. I’m so envious.^^”
  • “He’s a lucky man~ I’m jealous.”
  • “He must live so comfortably.”
  • “Wow, I’m so jealous. Did he save the world in his previous life or what?”
  • “That makes me so sad…I work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week and make $1,000 a month…and I’m not ugly either…even now, I’m working and didn’t even have the time to eat dinner…”


Despite the difference in opinion, everyone seemed to be in agreement that the sheer amount the actor made through his CFs and modeling was incredible.

Source: EN Seoul and Nate