Civil Complaints Filed Against Public Advertisements For BLACKPINK Jisoo’s “Snowdrop” Causes Them To Be Taken Down

The advertisements were taken down.

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo and actor Jung Hae In‘s highly anticipated K-Drama, Snowdrop, is set to launch soon in mid December 2021. While fans are gearing up for the show, it seems that they’ve ruffled the feathers of Koreans that have been disapproving of the drama.

Jisoonly Vietnam, a fanbase for Jisoo, had planned to set up gorgeous digital advertisements to promote Snowdrop at a subway stations in Seoul. With a total of 30 screens, the scale of the promotion is huge! Passersby will get to admire Jisoo’s beauty while Snowdrop gets hyped.

However, it seems that the promotional plans have upset some Korean civilians. As many know, Snowdrop faced a large level of controversy as it was being teased throughout 2021. Many Koreans are against the drama as they feel that it potentially will distort the portrayal of history. The topic is also a very sensitive one about the democratic movement and riots, as well as the issue of North Korean spies, that many feel should not be romanticized.

The public took issue with the fact that many student protestors during the Democratic Struggle were unfairly tortured by military troops who used the excuse that these students were spies from the North. The set-up of the male lead being an actual spy who is mistaken as a protestor would be a disrespect to the actual protestors who died in history. Other problems that arose included the choice of name for the female lead. The name Young Cho was also originally used in the synopsis and is an uncommon name and the actual name of a significant figure in history. Young Cho was an activist who fought against authoritarianism in Korea in the 1980s. As per the latest updates, Jisoo’s character was renamed as Young Ro.

Although jtbc has since issued a statement, it seems that Koreans have not been quelled. Many have seen news of the advertisements and are considering to file a civil complaint to have them taken down, or have already done so. Civil complaints can result in the government looking into the matter to order the taking down of advertisements. In the past, fans have gotten their events cancelled or advertisements taken down due to such complaints.

  • “I just filed a civil complaint. How can they dare to put up an advertisement for such a drama?”
  • “The level of their fandom LOL”
  • “Why are they being like that?”
  • “Empty…”
  • “For subway advertisements, no matter the reason, once a civil complaint is filed, it will be taken down.”
  • “Becase YG is a criminal, I’ve been boycotting their artists.”
  • “Are they just closing their eyes and acting up because their fans? If it was me, I would never.”
  • “The surefire method for subway advertisements is a civil complaint.”

Jisoonly Vietnam has since announced that their plans for the advertisements will be indefinitely postponed just days after it went live.

It seems that they had indeed managed to air the advertisements for a few days between November 25, 2021 and November 29, 2021 before it was announced to be postponed.

Hopefully the matter will be settled after the drama airs and misunderstandings can be rectified. Stay strong, BLINKs and Jisoo fans!

Source: theqoo