Koreans Are Enraged After An Attempted Kidnapping Suspect Who Lives In The Same Building As The Victim Is Freed While Awaiting Trial

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Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content and violence that may disturb some readers.

Koreans were enraged when it was revealed that a man in his 40s who tried to kidnap a minor was freed while awaiting trial.

According to news reports, on September 7, a 42 years-old man tried to kidnap a female student while inside an apartment elevator. It has been revealed that both the suspect and victim live in the same apartment.

CCTV footage of the man threatening the victim in the elevator | YTN

According to reports, the suspect threatened the victim with a weapon and forced her to the top floor of the apartment. It has been revealed that it was only after the presence of another resident that the student was able to get away.

The reports state that the police were then called and arrested the man in the apartment’s parking lot.

On September 9, according to reports, the Uijeong District Court freed the man until his trial.

We didn’t approve an arrest warrant as the man showed no inclination to run away or commit the same offense.

— Uijeong District Court

Koreans are voicing their anger over the court’s decision. As the suspect lives in the same apartment as the victim, many fear that the court’s decision will further traumatize the victim, which may affect the investigation.

Uijeong District Court | Doosan Baek Gwa

The police have stated they are currently considering re-applying for a warrant for the suspect’s arrest.

Source: Biz Herald