Koreans Hate The Idea Of BLACKPINK’s Lisa Appearing On “Real Men 3”

“It’s a sh*t show. We don’t need it, thanks.”

Since the news of BLACKPINK‘s Lisa shooting for Real Men 3 got out, fans are actively expressing fury at YG Entertainment for approving such an idea.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Matthew Douma Will Be Heading to the Military Together

Real Men is a variety show where celebrities experience life in the Korean military. This will be the first time a season will have both male and female cast members at the same time. Previously, the cast members were all male or all female.


BLACKPINK fans are completely turned off to the idea of Lisa going to the military — especially in the Korean summer heat wave that already killed five citizens.

  • “Lisa is going to die in the heat. Lisa, please don’t go…”

  • “The base they’re going to is actually one of the hottest regions of Korea. PLEASE DON’T DO THIS.”

  • “I’m genuinely worried about the safety of ALL the cast members, not just Lisa.”


Some are worried that the experience, which is hard enough for Koreans, will be too much for Lisa who isn’t even Korean.

  • “Why the hell are we sending a Thai girl to the Korean military?”

  • “Oh my god… This reminds me of Jackson and BamBam from season 2… Please stop.”

  • “Mr. Yang… Even Koreans have a hard time at these military trials… So why send Lisa who isn’t even fluent in Korean? She’s going to have a terrible time there. It breaks my heart… Can we just focus on getting a head start on BLACKPINK’s next ablum? Please?”

  • “Why do they keep sending foreigners to these military bases? They get in so much trouble and have such a hard time. I seriously don’t get why this show is even made.”

  • “They’re going to make her cry, 100%. I’m just so f*cking uncomfortable with this whole thing.”


Others simply don’t find the show worth reviving, never mind have Lisa appear in it.

  • “Why Real Men though? It’s not even that great of a show.”

  • “Can they just bring back Dad Where Are We Going? instead?

  • “I hate this show so much. There is nothing real about it anyway. Shut it down.”

  • “Wait, what? I’m sorry. Who’s still watching?”

  • “It’s a sh*t show. We don’t need it, thanks.”


Regardless, Real Men 3 will begin shooting July 29th, 2018 aiming to premiere by fall. Lisa, confirmed to join, will be heading over to the Korea Army Academy in Yeongcheon City, where the temperature recently reached 104 degrees Fahrenheit, breaking the city’s own heat records.