Koreans Hate Red Velvet’s “Zimzalabim” Showcase Outfits And Call Them Hideous

“Wendy looks like a bird…”

The fabulous Red Velvet girls are back with a magical song, “Zimzalabim”, and they recently rocked the stage at their new album showcase in Korea. While their fans are happy to have Red Velvet return, some netizens can’t help but point out that their outfits for this song’s promotions are a complete horror and that SM Entertainment is “failing as usual” at dressing up their artists.


On June 19, 2019, Red Velvet performed “Zimzalabim” dressed in similar outfits as photographed in the album teaser. The members showcased some of the wildest pieces of clothing, which added to track’s overall funky fun vibe, but the fans simply hated the styling.


From Yeri‘s chains to Seulgi‘s zebra print top, Korean fans were shocked and unimpressed by the stylists’ choices in dressing up the members. Some are claiming this “Zimzalabim” era to be by far the worst in concept that the group has attempted.


During their interview at the showcase, Red Velvet explained that “Zimzalabim” has long been a candidate to go on an album tracklist, but continued to be postponed in its release. Joy said, “But this time, Mr. Lee Soo Man told us that he thinks we’ll be able to pull it off finally.”

Zimzalabim was a main track candidate for a long time. It kept being pushed back though. But this time, Mr. Lee Soo Man told us that he thinks we’ll be able to pull it off finally. We trusted him and went for the song.

— Joy


Wendy added that the members do feel some pressure trying to pull off all kinds of concepts, including the new “Zimzalabim” one. She explained though, “We believe the different genres mature us in the end. We’re proud of how far we’ve come through the many concepts.”


Unfortunately, fans are deeply disappointed with SM Entertainment for “messing up” the group’s visuals by selecting some of the most “difficult-to-understand concept” in styling the members. They are especially unhappy with how the outfits have failed to complement the members’ assets.

Meanwhile, Koreans remain completely enchanted by the members’ visuals overpowering all the fashion that is happening. Some have concluded, “Only with faces like Red Velvet’s would anyone be able to survive this kind of concept.”

Source: Star Daily News and THEQOO

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