South Korea Is So Obsessed With Beauty They’re Going As Far As Creating Standards For Face Proportions

They’ve gone too far.

With South Korea being one of the most strict when it comes to beauty standards, it’s become the norm for ordinary citizens to be sensitive when it comes to plastic surgery and new and trending beauty treatments.

Previously, “Eye-ring Surgery” became a huge issue as the surgery aimed to achieve larger pupils, giving similar effects to wearing circle lenses.

| theqoo

Most recently, netizens discussed the importance of the “mid-face” proportion. If you take a look at the photo comparison below, it shows how even with the same face size, one can look different depending on the proportion of the mid-face.


The chart below gives a more detailed comparison with numbers showing what a rational facial proportion should look like.

Rational face proportion (left), long face proportion (right) | theqoo

The chart below shows what a long face proportion looks like.

Face type with long center section | theqoo

The OP was surprised that so many people were obsessed with the central area of the face.

So what if it’s short or long? Now, it’s beyond celebrities, with ordinary people saying they are stressed and want to cut off their midsection. It’s something that can’t even be fixed. Obsessing over it will only make you get sick of your face. You should just live with what you have.

Netizens were shocked that people were obsessed over this, while some heard this phrase for the first time through the online forum.

Netizen comments | theqoo
Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “I usually look at beauty as a whole, so I only heard about this ‘mid-face’ proportion from online community boards. I was shocked that they compared pretty celebrities with this method.”
  • “I first heard this phrase from online community boards.”
  • “This is all because of beauty YouTubers. They always talk about mid-face when doing makeup. Now we’re brainwashed because they talk about it so much.”
  • “What the heck are you talking about OP? The more you obsess over your face the longer your face is going to become.”
  • “You have to realize the more you obsess over things like this the worse it’s going to become.”
  • “Wow never knew there was a standard to this.”
  • “I have a long mid-face proportion too, but I am ok with my face. I’ve never thought about fixing it. But I want to get rid of excess fat.”
  • “It’s crazy to think we’re talking about our face as if they were pieces of meat. There are celebrities in the U.S. that have long faces and are fine.”
  • “I’ve never thought about this.. can’t believe people are arguing about this.”
  • “Let’s all just live beautifully.”
  • “I know someone who is obsessed with the mid-face too. They also obsess over their eyes.”

What do you think about these beauty standards?

Source: theqoo
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