K-Pop Fans Petitioning For The End Of MAMA On Korean Government Webpage

Korean netizens are furious over some K-Pop fans petitioning for the end of MAMA on the Korean government website.

The Mnet Asian Music Awards has been criticized by K-Pop fans for years under accusations of choosing their winners unfairly.

Many fans have been speculating that MAMA has not been counting votes fairly, and decides on the winners each year by their organization’s standpoint.

This year, angry fans took their complaints to the official Korean government’s website by submitting a petition to shut down MAMA for good.

“I am a fan of a certain idol.

When you’re a fan of someone, you hope that he/she will receive an award.

Our fandom voted diligently and had the most amount of votes in a number of categories.

However, MAMA unfairly started giving the awards to the 2nd and 3rd place winners a few years ago.

This year, even though we achieved 1st place in every category’s votes, we only received an award to one member for a duet he/she did.

We even got reports that a fan was hurt after being slapped in the face by a working security officer.

I cannot agree to send our artists, our fandom, to an award ceremony that unfairly awards winners and mistreats the fans.

Please agree with us.”

— Petitioner

One netizen mentioned that MAMA is exploiting K-Pop fans by creating a voting system that promoted unlimited paid voting for over a month.

More than 20,000 fans around the world agreed to this petition and started writing comments on the government website, requesting the end of MAMA both in Korean and English.

The government website had even crashed for a few hours due to fans from around the world flooding into the website, negatively impacting the government’s work.

Netizens are furious that some K-Pop fans are hindering the government from helping other citizens with more urgent needs.

Netizens suggest that fans should either boycott MAMA or request the changes to Mnet, and not the government.

MAMA, Mnet, and the Korean government have yet to make a statement.

Source: Nate News