Koreans Are Recognizing Sulli As The Representation Of True Feminism

“A true feminist! Sulli is a true feminist that sincerely advocates women’s rights!”

Sulli has been receiving attention from the media and netizens once again for her “braless” fashion.


Sulli recently posted some photos of herself that showed how she was doing in Berlin, Germany. What caught the eyes of the media and netizens, however, was the fact that she was evidently not wearing a bra.


Sulli has been criticized in the past for her “braless” fashion, which some netizens claimed was inappropriate.


Despite the negative comments, however, Sulli continued to express herself freely, wearing whatever she pleased.


Now, it seems like the netizens have gotten used to Sulli’s fashion and are now admiring her for her confidence.

  • “Sulli is truly admirable. It really looks like she’s living just for herself and not considering what anyone thinks while we’re always busy thinking about how others perceive us. I hope Sulli is happy.”
  • “It’s her choice to be braless or not.”
  • “It looks nice. What’s there to criticize.”
  • “It seems like there are more supportive comments than negative ones these days. I guess they’ve begun to take a liking to her while criticizing her lol like feminists.”
  • “Honestly, going braless is comfortable and cool. They say its good for your health too but I’m just not confident enough and it’s still a little strange in our country…but Sulli looks confident and it looks good. Fighting!”


Moreover, many are recognizing Sulli as the representation of true feminism.

  • “Sulli is the representation of true feminism. She’s inspirational. The leader of a soon-to-be braless world, fighting!”
  • “A true feminist! Sulli is a true feminist that sincerely advocates women’s’ rights!”
  • “Sulli is definitely the real representation of feminism.”
  • “A true feminist. Women, stop criticizing her for being braless. The feminist you guys always talk about is exactly Sulli.”
  • “Those women out there who call themselves feminists are just idiot feminists who do it for a living. Sulli is the true representation of feminism.”
  • “And now Sulli’s image is changing into ‘a celebrity ahead of her times’ or ‘a true feminist’. I think Sulli’s time will come around next year.”
  • “This is what you call a real feminist. A confident woman with no makeup and no bra, not caring about what others think.”


With her new reality show, Jinri Shop, currently in production, fans hope to see more of Sulli in the future!

Source: Nate
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