Koreans Are Shocked To Find Out The Girl In This Photo Is Not Hwasa

What kind of sorcery is this?!

This is Risa Bae…


… famous for her make-up tutorials and transformations on video sharing platform, Youtube. 


She has been reaching millions of fans through her platform since 2015 and has continued to gain interest for her live broadcast on Afreeca television.


Her fame to make-up tutorials and beauty reached local channels and magazines.


However, it was this teaser on her personal Instagram account that caught major buzz… 


Many thought it was actually MAMAMOO’s Hwasa… when in fact it was just Risa Bae teasing for her next post. The resemblance is unnerving! 


She has once went viral for her looking a lot like Sunmi in her previous tutorial – but it seems Risa Bae has more instore for fans! 


She just keeps surprising everyone… it’s amazing! 


Source: TVReport