Koreans Suspect TWICE Is Being Targeted By Chart Manipulators

“I feel so bad for TWICE…They got their No.1 taken away by machines yet again.”

Korean netizens have been suspecting that TWICE is being targeted by chart manipulators and are extremely upset about it.


Recently, the indie artist SHAUN has been rapidly rising in the charts, causing suspicion among netizens that he may be another case of “Nilo“.

Meet Shaun, The Singer Rising On The Charts Faster Than Nilo


Nilo is also an indie artist who topped the Melon Charts back in April with his song “Pass By”, surpassing TWICE’s “What is Love?”, which ranked second, thereby effectively blocking TWICE from receiving the Perfect All-Kill.

TWICE had ranked No.1 for all other music charts with the exception of the Melon Charts.


SHAUN’s rapid rise in the charts has been creating the same effect, excluding the fact that the chart he is dominating is the Genie Charts, rather than Melon Charts.

Genie Chart screenshot (July 17, 2018)

This time, TWICE was unable to achieve a Perfect All-Kill for their new song “Dance the Night Away”.


After two cases of suspected chart manipulation affected TWICE’s would-have-been Perfect All-Kill, Korean netizens have begun to think that these “manipulators” are out to get TWICE.

“I can’t accept this. This is the 3rd time, by machines!”

“They’re basically targeting TWICE and manipulating the charts…It always overlaps.”

“Is this SHAUN a joke? He’s taking it too far, the chart graph is a vertical line. This happened to ‘What is Love?’ too. Limez, Nilo and SHAUN. They’re maliciously targeting TWICE.”

“Those people targeting TWICE is so scary.”


Moreover, fans were generally frustrated and sad about the fact that such incidents seem to be occurring more frequently.

  • “I’m really so sad. This is one of the few things we can do to repay the TWICE members for working so hard in preparing for their comeback…This happened during ‘Heartshaker’ and ‘What is Love?’ too. I thought maybe this time, things would pass without any problems but here it goes again. I’m just so sorry to the members. No matter how much we stream, the graphs don’t follow so there’s simply nothing we can do.”
  • “I’m so frustrated. No matter how much we stream, that person stays on top of the chart because he paid his way through. Fans of artists who are also on that chart probably share this feeling too, right?”
  • “TWICE fans must be so annoyed. How many times have they done this? I didn’t really think it was too serious when Nilo did it before but seeing SHAUN rise in the charts yesterday made me so angry.”
  • “It’s really annoying. I can’t even imagine how upset TWICE fans would be. Some say the song is pretty good, but I haven’t listened to it and don’t plan on listening to it.”
  • “I feel so bad for TWICE…They got their No.1 taken away by machines yet again.”


International netizens also seem to agree that TWICE is definitely being targeted as these instances seem to always coincide with their comeback.


Despite these accusations, however, TWICE is still doing an amazing job with “Dance the Night Away” and has been going viral in Korea with their new comeback.

TWICE’s “Dance The Night Away” Choreography Is Going Viral In Korea

Whether or not they are being targeted, the summer queens continue to rise!

Source: Pann Nate