Koreans Think It’s Hilarious That These Foreign Women Thought All Korean Men Look Like BTS

“Am I going to see them roaming the streets?”

On a recent episode of Welcome, First Time in Korea?, guest Abigail from Paraguay introduced her friend Diana whose current obsession includes K-Pop.


Abigail explained that K-Pop is huge in Paraguay. Groups like BTS, Red Velvet, Girls’ Generation, and TWICE are beloved by Paraguayan fans, including Diana.


Diana shared her amusement, while rocking out to BTS’s “DNA”, praising K-Pop idols’ flawless looks and styles.

“Look at this. They’re perfect.” — Diana

“[K-Pop idols] wear such fashionable and colorful clothes. Their hairstyles are also colorful and amazing. Even their skins are flawless. They are all so stylish.” — Diana


Completely thrilled about her trip to South Korea, Diana popped the question that had Koreans laughing in tears.

“Are all Korean guys like that? Am I going to see them roaming the streets?” — Diana


Koreans responded immediately, including the production staff shooting Diana, letting her know the chances are very unlikely — shattering Diana’s dream of having super handsome, stylish, BTS-type men spotted among the alleys of Korea.

  • “No.”
  • “Someone keep her inside, so she isn’t disappointed.”
  • “I wish BTS-looking guys were everywhere too.”
  • “Here I am, sitting at home, watching this, and suddenly feeling really sorry for my looks…”
  • “There are some BTS-type of guys, then there are some Psy-type of guys…”
  • “Why bring her to Korea? Let the woman’s fantasies live on!”
  • “I should… probably… stay home while she’s in Korea… yeah…”

“I was fooled!” — Diana

Source: Newsen