Koreans upset at businesses hiring based solely on attractiveness

Koreans continue to stress over the pressure requiring personal information unrelated to work experience and qualifications for resumes. In particular, most applications require photos as well as height, weight, and even family relationships.

The ‘photo’ section of resume is a burdensome pressure for many job applicants. Although many question the reason behind requiring photos, tips regarding good photo studios can be easily found on the Internet. In particular, majority of job offering ads emphasize resumes including D.O.B, height, weight, and family relationships.

As of 2007, Ministry of Employment and Labor have highly advised to remove standardized resume templates requiring photos and family relationship in order to eliminate norms prioritizing physical appearance over work experience. Although eliminating such requirements for resumes have been legally proposed, it has never garnered much attention.

For foreigners living in Korea, these requirements are surely absurd as physical appearance and details are personal matters unrelated to work experience and skills that could be used as discriminatory selections.

In the meantime, check out netizens’ comments on the issue:

1. [+9,492, -251] It was made a law three years ago that resumes aren’t allowed to ask for pictures or other physical traits but it’s being ignored.

2. [+7,454, -447] It’s because the old farts want to pick young, pretty kids so they demand that pictures be a requirement

3. [+5,940, -199] I still don’t get why my private life is of interest to them?

4. [+5,301, -256] I want them to stop asking useless questions about my life. I want to be judged purely for my skills related to the job.

5. [+4,949, -168] A looks-oriented society…

6. [+1,192, -31] Yeah, I don’t understand why a potential job should know my height, weight, blood type, my parent’s education, name, and social security numbers… are they going to give me a blood transfusion if I need it?

Source: SBS News