Koreans Voted On The Idol That Has The Best Reactions To Fan Gifts, And BTS V Ran Away With The Lead

It’s no wonder V receives so many gifts from fans!

A recent, week-long poll by DC Inside and myceleb asked netizens which idol had the best reactions to fan gifts and BTS‘s V took first place by a landslide!


V won 5,347 votes (72%) while Wanna One’s Kim Jae Hwan won 1,662 votes (22.4%), SHINee’s Taemin 98 votes (1.3%), followed by Wanna One’s Lai Kuan Lin and THE BOYZ’s Joo Haknyeon.


It’s not a surprise that V took first place in this poll since he’s proved that he was worthy of the position on multiple occasions. He had previously shown up wearing a ring that was presented to him as a gift by a fan…


…Posted a photo of himself wearing the beanie he received from the Shibutani siblings with a matching outfit…


…And even showed an extraordinary reaction after receiving Burger King coupons from a fan as a gift!


With such cute reactions, it’s no wonder V receives so many gifts from fans!


Congratulations to V on winning this poll!

Source: DCInside x Mycelebs