Korea’s 1st gay celebrity Hong Seok Cheon sets his eyes on politics

Hong Seok Cheon, who is Korea’s first openly gay celebrity, is setting his sights on politics and hopes to become a leader in the Yongsan District Office soon.

The 45 year-old aims to “promote cultural spaces for young artists and small businesses while providing welfare for sexual minorities,The Korea Times writes.

The celebrity sat down with the publication to talk about his goals and aims if he were to be elected into office later this year.

I will build a counseling center for young homosexuals and help parents who have gay children. I want to use my diverse connections and experience to build a night market, where the fashion business will grow and young artists share their ideas,” he told The Korea Times.

His business experience and creative mind set him up as a qualified candidate, however, most importantly, he shared “[I] will be the first gay person to be a government official. It means the country has accepted my identity as a homosexual.

He believes that Yongsan needs someone who is openminded as the district is often labeled as deeply conservative. In a place where indie artists and small businesses used to thrive, he hopes to keep the history of the city intact by updating its alleys that used to foster artistic growth among youth.

After living in Yongsan for 10 years, Hong Seok Cheon sees the potential in young artists and believes that they have the ability to revolutionize the fashion market with this new night market and turn Yongsan away from the “Copycat” title with its counterfeit goods market.

My artistic strength and business mind are my assets to be a successful candidate for Yongsan District Chief,” said the candidate.

On gay marriage, he still believes it’s too early for legalization of gay marriage in Korea as it took society 10 years to come to accept his sexuality.

You can read the rest of Hong Seok Cheon’s plans and platform for his run for Yongsan office on The Korea Times website in English.