Korea’s first male model found guilty of sexual molestation

Widely known in South Korea as its first male model, reports have revealed that Do Shin Woo (70) has been recently found guilty under the charges of sexual molestation.

On June 25th at 5pm KST, the Seoul Eastern District Court, with judge Kim Woo Hyun presiding over the case, sentenced Do Shin Woo to a fine of 3 million won, or $2,671 U.S dollars, after finding him guilty of sexually molesting a female employee during an international business trip.

Additionally, the judge ordered Do Shin Woo 24 hours of participation in a sexual abuse treatment program.

According to prosecutors, Do Shin Woo called a female employee to his hotel room during a Milan (Italy) business trip last October, telling her, “Let’s greet the local way,” and forced kisses on her with one kiss one both cheeks.

However, Do Shin Woo denied the charges and stated that there was no sexual molestation intended in the kisses and had greeted his personnel similarly.

Do Shin Woo is became one of the very first models in 1984 and has since then become and is currently the CEO of Model Center International. Additionally, he worked as a judge for Asia’s Super Model Contest during 2006 through 2012.

Source: Star News