Korea’s ‘King Of Ballads’, Legendary Singer Lim Jae Bum Returns After 7 Years — Here Is The Heartbreaking Reason Fans Are Rooting For Him

“Although it can happen to anybody, it hurt me a lot. I gather my strength and reach out to you again…”

On May 10, news broke that legendary singer Yim Jae Bum would be making his return.

Yim Jae Bum | Hankook Ilbo

Yim Jae Bum’s agency Blue Seed Company opened a homepage for the singer on May 10.

The home page featured several new stills of the singer showing off his hairstyle and side profile.

The singer wrote a message to his fans on his homepage.

It has been a long time. Although it can happen to anybody, it hurt me a lot. I was scared and careful. I gather my strength and reach out to you again.

—Yim Jae Bum

Yim Jae Bum first debuted in 1986 and would go on to be beloved for his signature husky voice. The singer would gift fans classic ballads such as “For You,” “Emergency,” “Confession,” and “Scars Deeper Than Love.”

Yim Jae Bum | Yim Jae Bum’s Official Facebook Page

The singer proved his status on the legendary 2011 show MBC‘s I Am A Singer, where the singer competed against other legendary vocalists.

Yim Jae Bum on I Am A Singer | MBC

At the height of his career, however, the singer disappeared from the spotlight.

Yim Jae Bum | E Daily

It was due to his wife, who was stricken with terminal cancer.

Yim Jae Bum and late wife | Naver

The singer belatedly revealed that he competed on the show to earn money for his late wife’s cancer treatment. His wife passed in 2017.

Yim Jae Bum’s late wife Song Nam Young | Sports Kyung Hang

Now the singer is set to return, and fans of ballads, young and old, are welcoming the singer nicknamed ‘The Tiger.’

Yim Jae Bum | Genie

Not familiar with Yim Jae Bum? We got you. Check out his classic “Confession” below. The song was so popular with Korean men that singing the song to women became a cliche that is still prevalent today.

Source: Wikitree
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