Korea’s “Queen of Ice” reported to have reconciled with her ex-boyfriend

Figure skating queen, Kim Yuna, found love once again with her former boyfriend and ice hockey player, Kim Won Joong. Reportedly, they were spotted wearing couple accessories that was taken off after the break up last year.

According to an anoymous source on April 8th, “Kim Won Joong and Kim Yuna are seeing each other again. Although they broke up mid-last year, they recently began meeting after much consideration. As they broke up once, it’s difficult to confirm their situation, however, they are certainly developing positive feelings for each other.”

The two met in 2010 when Kim Yuna entered Korea University and continued on their acquaintance in 2012 at Tae Reung. Although the couple admitted their relationship last March, it soon faltered and led to their break up mid-last year. In particular, Kim Won Joong was caught in controversies, including leakages of his secret getaways during his military duty last June and partying with ladies in Gangnam by the end of last year.

After such controversies, Kim Won Joong needed time to focus in order get back in the game, and so their relationship naturally faltered. He has successfully returned to ice hokey through Anyang’s Hanla and has shown stable performance through out the recent season.

Meanwhile, Kim Yuna has officially retired as a national figure skater and is currently enrolled in Korea University’s graduate school, as well as actively performing as 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic’s honorary ambassador.

Source: Osen