Korea’s ‘Big 3’ K-Pop Companies To Shift To SM-JYP-Big Hit In 2020

Who’s excited for 2020!

There has been a shift in the top 3 entertainment companies in Korea for 2020. Many incidents within the past year caused YG Entertainment to take a hit, giving Big Hit Entertainment a chance to take a spot alongside SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment.

Let’s take a look at the plans each of the top 3 agencies have in store for 2020.




SM Entertainment

Most SM artists will continue to promote their activities into 2020 with various comebacks from groups, solos, units and more.

This year also marks a special year for BoA as it will be her 20th anniversary since debut.




There is also news of a new girl group that will release from SM Entertainment. If this happens, this will be the first girl group to debut under SM since Red Velvet.





In terms of foreign activities, it could depend on the schedules for groups such as WayV and SuperM.





JYP Entertainment

JYP has been growing continuously with their groups TWICE, Day6, Stray Kids, ITZY, and GOT7.





All five of these groups will be heading overseas to meet with fans this January and February.

GOT7 will be heading to Thailand, TWICE in Japan, Day6 for their world tour, Stray Kids and ITZY in the U.S.





















All five of these groups will also be making comebacks in 2020 and bring new music to their fans.





Big Hit Entertainment

It’s going to be another busy year for Big Hit as BTS will be making their long-awaited comeback this February. With their strong fan base, it can be for certain that this comeback will be nothing short of legendary.





Big Hit’s rookie boy group TXT will also be continuing their promotions as their fandom increases in Korea and overseas.





Big Hit is also in preparation to release a drama based on the story of BTS sometime later this year.





Looks like it’s already starting off to be another busy year in the world of K-Pop!

Source: joynews24