Korea’s top model reveals she’s a giant EXO Fangirl

EXO not only is making several music achievements, but they’re also winning several hearts of fans around the world, including one of Korea’s top models, Han Hye Jin.

On the broadcast of MBC‘s “I Live Alone” show, Han Hye Jin reveals her daily exercising regimes that she does at home while she prepares for the new fall collections within the fashion world.

The model starts off exercising by going on her exercise bicycle and turns on the TV. The moment she turns on her TV, her search history shows, and the keyword, EXO, is shown there three times.

Image: Han Hye Jin's Search History Features EXO / MBC
Image: Han Hye Jin’s Search History Features EXO / MBC

She decides to play EXO’s Monster music video and works out to the music video for about 30 minutes. Within that 30 minutes, she also gushes about how cute EXO’s member, Xiumin is and even jokingly asks him to motivate her to excercise. Many fans jokingly speculate that the model’s bias was Xiumin in the group.

Image: Han Hye Jin Fangirls Over Xiumin / MBC
Image: Han Hye Jin Fangirls Over Xiumin / MBC

The top model continues to do her cardio workout to EXO, and decides to play EXO’s Lotto performance, however, instead of exercising, she decides to just watch the performance before working out again.

Image: Han Hye Jin watches EXO's Lotto Performance / MBC
Image: Han Hye Jin watches EXO’s Lotto Performance / MBC

Check out Han Hye Jin’s workout video!