2 New K-Pop Debut Songs Made It Onto Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales Chart

These artists are finding success early in their careers!

Each week, Billboard updates their World Digital Song Sales chart to show which international singles are making the highest sales that week in the United States.

Because of K-Pop’s growing popularity in the country, the music genre often takes up several spots on the list, and this week, two newly debuted artists have already earned spots on the chart!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the higher-ranking of the two songs is SM Entertainment‘s new girl group aespa‘s song “Black Mamba”.

The song made records when it was released in becoming the most-watched K-Pop debut song in the first 24 hours, gaining 21.4 million views in that time!

As of the time of this writing, the MV now has 58.3 million views, and during its first week on the World Digital Song Sales chart, “Black Mamba” ranks at #5, which is incredibly impressive for a debut song.

The other newly debuted K-Pop group to make their way onto the chart this week is STAYC with their song “So Bad”.

They debuted under High Up Entertainment on November 12, and with strategic marketing and teasers, their debut was highly anticipated despite coming from a small company.

The music video is now at about 10.4 million views, and the song is ranking at #21 on its debut week on the World Digital Song Sales chart this week.

Congratulations to both of these talented girl groups, and here’s to much more success in the future!