5 New K-Pop Songs Debuted On Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales Chart

3 are from a brand new group, and 1 is from a new solo artist!

Each week, Billboard posts the top 25 best-selling international singles in the U.S. on their World Digital Song Sales chart. Because of K-Pop’s growing popularity in the country, it oftentimes dominates the list, and new songs frequently debut on it!

This week, there are 5 new K-Pop songs that made it onto the chart for the first time, and even more exciting, three are from a brand new artist and one is from a new solo artist!


The highest-charting new song of the week is GOT7‘s newest song, “Last Piece”, debuting on the chart at #10.

The next highest-ranking new K-Pop song on the chart is ENHYPEN‘s “Given-Taken”, charting at #13. Even though this group just debuted, they’ve already been incredibly well-received, and it helps that they debuted under Big Hit Labels‘ BE:LIFT!

They also have two other songs that made it onto the chart this week! “Let Me In (20 Cube)” placed at #24, and “Flicker” placed at #25. It’s really impressive that a brand new group had multiple songs chart so quickly!

And finally, EXO‘s Kai also made it onto the chart this week with his very first solo hit, “Mmmh”. It debuted at #15, which is definitely an accomplishment for a brand new solo artist!

In addition to these, 14 other K-Pop songs are ranking this week as well. 9 of those belong to BTS, and 6 are from their latest album: “Life Goes On” (at #1 for its 2nd week); “Blue & Grey” (at #2 for its 2nd week); “Stay” (placing at #4, also now on its 2nd week); “Telepathy” (at #5, 2nd week as well); “Fly To My Room” (placing #6 on its 2nd week); and “Dis-ease” (at #7, the last on its 2nd week from the BE album).

Also charting from BTS is “Filter”, charting at #3 now on its 39th week on the chart, up from #7 last week; “My Time”, spending its 39th week at #12, down from #9 last week; and “Euphoria”, placing at #17 for its 42nd week on the chart, down from #12 last week.

TWICE‘s “I Can’t Stop Me” spends its 6th week on the chart at a comfortable #9, shooting up from its placement at #21 last week! NCT U‘s hit, “90’s Love”, is ranked at #20 for its 2nd week on the chart, down from #15 last week. They’re also charting at #23 with “Work It”, also on its 2nd week and up from #25 the week before.

New SM Entertainment group aespa ranks again this week at #21 with “Black Mamba”, down from #14 last week. And finally, BLACKPINK is also on the list for its 22nd week with “How You Like That” at #22, down from #19 the week before.

Congratulations to all the artists that made the Billboard chart this week!

Source: Billboard
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