Here Are The 7 K-Pop Albums And Three Songs That Have Earned New Gaon Certifications For June

The list includes rookies and soloists!

Every month, Gaon Charts announces new certifications for K-Pop albums and songs that have reached certain numbers of sales, downloads, or streams. These are always huge achievements for artists, and are worth congratulating when they’re announced!

For the album category, an album will receive a platinum certification at 250,000 sales, double platinum at 500,000 sales, triple platinum at 750,000 sales, and a million certification at one million sales (as well as double, triple, etc. for multiple-million sales).

ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon & Sunoo | @sereinniee/Twitter

For songs, there are two categories: Downloads and streaming. For downloads, a song will earn platinum at 2.5 million downloads, double platinum at 5 million downloads, triple at 7.5 million downloads, and diamond at 10 million downloads. For streaming, a platinum certification is awarded at 100 million streams, and a billion certification at a billion streams.

On June 10, Gaon gave out new certifications for 7 K-Pop albums and three songs!

Four of the seven albums to earn these certifications have reached over 250,000 sales, given them a platinum certification. The first of these is the kit version of NCT‘s Resonance Pt. 2, which was released on November 23, 2020. While the album itself has made over 1.4 million sales already and therefore has a million certification, the kit has now earned its first Gaon certification too!

Another album that is now platinum is ITZY‘s most recent album, Guess Who. It was released only a month and a half ago on April 30, and has already reached over 330k total sales!

Third on the list of albums with a new platinum certification is Kang Daniel‘s Yellow. This album, too, was released just recently on April 13, and it’s already nearing 320k sales as of the month of June.

Finally, ASTRO‘s latest album, All Yours, also joins the list of new platinum-certified records. Released on April 5 of this year, it has now reached just around 360k total sales since it came out!

One album has also earned a double platinum certification this month. Released on April 26, rookie group ENHYPEN is making waves in the K-Pop industry already with Border: Carnival now at over 620k copies sold!

Finally, two other K-Pop albums have been given million certifications for this month. The first is Baekhyun’s most recent album, Bambi! It came out on March 30 this year, and the soloist has proven just how incredibly successful he is in the industry with it now at 1.01 million sales.

The other K-Pop album to earn this prestigious certification is An Ode by SEVENTEEN. Released on September 16, 2019, it’s not the group’s first album to earn a million certification, but it is their oldest one to do so!

Of the three songs that have earned new Gaon certifications this month, two of them are K-Pop songs while the other is actually by a foreign artist! For the download category, both “The Day Was Beautiful” by Kassy and “Paris in the Rain” by Lauv were given platinum certifications, as they’ve both reached over 2.5 million downloads.

As for the streaming category, just one song has been given a new certification, and it’s “Blueming” by IU! It has now been certified double platinum, meaning that is has been streamed over 200 million times.

Congratulations to all of the artists who have earned new certifications this month!

Source: Gaon Charts