K-pop and C-pop fans reminisce the past with Lovelyz’s Kei and myunDo’s sweet cover of “Y”

On September 1st, K-pop fans and C-pop fans alike were granted a wonderful cover of  “Y” by Lovelyz’s Kei and myunDo.

Occasionally, our favorite K-pop artists gift us with a cover of another artist’s songs, whether that manifests in a few live verses during an interview or in an official music video on YouTube. This cover also featured BUMZU’s jazzy vocals that complimented the romantic vibe of the song.

Originally sung by Freestyle, the song “Y”, also known as “Please Tell Me Why” has stirred up much discussion between K-pop and C-pop fans, as the melody is not unfamiliar to those who heard it in the early 2000s.

The Korean song “Y” was released in Freestyle’s third album in 2004, while C-pop fans who claimed that this song is plagiarized is in fact referring to the Chinese song “不得不爱 (Have to Love)” sung by Wilber Pan and Xiaozi in 2005.

Although Kei and myunDo did not reveal their faces in the music video, the video featured graphics of both artists and illustrations of the lyrics. On top of paying homage to the original track, the artists also managed to put their own twist on the beloved hit.

Check out Kei and myunDo’s cover of “Y” below!