5 K-Pop Artists Just Received New Certifications From Gaon For Their Achievements

One earned a double million certification!

On January 7, Gaon released a set of brand new certifications for 5 different K-Pop artists based on their achievements in album sales and song downloads and streams.

The certification process was started in January of 2018 by the Korea Music Content Industry Association, with all music released after January 1, 2018 able to be certified for reaching certain achievements. For albums, they receive a platinum certification once they reach 250,000 sales, double platinum at 500,000 sales, triple platinum at 750,000 sales, and a million certification at 1 million sales.

When it comes to songs, a single earns a platinum certification once it reaches 2.5 million downloads or 100 million streams, double platinum for 5 million downloads or 200 million streams, etc., and either diamond certification once it reaches 10 million downloads or a billion certification if it reaches 1 billion streams.

For the new January 7 certifications, three K-Pop albums and two songs have earned new achievements.

The first album to receive a new certification is BTS‘s BE. The album, released on November 20, 2020, their latest album was given a double million certification for selling over 2 million copies. While it’s not their best-selling album — that title still goes to Map of the Soul: 7, which has a stunning 4 million certification — it’s still an incredible feat!

The next album to be certified by Gaon is SuperM‘s Super One. The album came out on September 25, 2020, and since then it has sold over 500,000 copies, earning it a double platinum certification. This is definitely a huge accomplishment for SM Entertainment‘s super group!

And finally, the third album that received a new certification is MONSTA X‘s Fatal Love, which came out on November 2, 2020. It has made over 250,000 total sales, which earned it a platinum certification from Gaon. It’s great to see this boy group continue to thrive!

The first song that earned a new certification from Gaon is “180 Degree” by Ben. The song has had over 2.5 million downloads, which gave it a platinum certification in that regard.

And finally, the other song newly certified is “Start” by Gaho (popular from being in the OST for Itaewon Class), which also received a platinum certification for reaching 100 million streams.

Congratulations to all the artists that reached new achievements with their music!