Netizens React To Weverse Subscriber Counts For All Of SM Entertainment’s K-Pop Artists

Can you guess who has the most?

Weverse, a platform which allows K-Pop idols to interact with their fans around the world, has become one of the most popular methods of interaction between the two groups. Created by HYBE LabelsTXT was the first artist to join the platform in June 2019, followed soon after by BTS in July. Until 2021, only artists under HYBE Labels were on Weverse, until YG Entertainment also began utilizing the platform. Now, pretty much all major K-Pop artists and some smaller ones are on Weverse.

The most recent addition to the platform is SM Entertainment, whose artists officially joined Weverse on September 12, 2023. Thirteen artists, including two soloists, now have their own accounts, and though it has only been a day, the number of members they’ve accumulated already is impressive!

Even though they’re not too active as a duo these days, TVXQ has already accumulated over 15,000 followers on the platform. As the oldest artist from SM Entertainment on Weverse, they do have the lowest number of members, but that’s still not a number to scoff at!

Coming in with the next highest number of followers is Girls’ Generation. Though only four of the members remain at SM Entertainment, the girls currently have around 27,000 members on the platform.

Similarly-aged Super Junior ranks next with over 40,000 members on Weverse! Despite being a nearly 18-year-old group, they’re still relatively active as individuals and as a group with a very solid fanbase.

SHINee is up next in terms of follower numbers, reaching around the 54,000 members mark in this first day of being on the platform. They’re another group still pretty active for their age, which we love to see!

Starting off the third-generation groups on Weverse is Red Velvet, who currently has around 55,000 members.

And then up next is fourth-generation girl group aespa, who already has over 104,000 followers!

Even though they debuted not even two weeks ago, RIIZE already has a sizeable following on Weverse too, with their number currently around 108,000.

NCT sub-unit WayV has a pretty substantial following too, even with how inactive they’ve been in recent years! They have about 151,000 members at this time.

EXO continues to be a dominating force in the K-Pop industry over a decade since they debuted, and on Weverse they already have more than 165,000 people following them.

The group with the second-most followers on Weverse is NCT 127! Currently, they have about 236,000 members, which makes sense given how active they are and how much music they release.

Finally, NCT DREAM comes out on top with the most followers! They currently have around 294,000 members on Weverse, and like their fellow sub-unit NCT 127, this isn’t too surprising given their activity and popularity.

Here’s how netizens are reacting to the numbers on a forum post discussing the topic.

Are you subscribed to any of these K-Pop groups on Weverse?

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa