Here’s How ATEEZ Dominated The International K-Pop Industry In 2021 So Far, Based On Hanteo

Their worldwide influence has grown so much in the last year!

Hanteo has recently released the data they collected for K-Pop album authentications on a global scale, including the top 50 artists who had the most album authentications internationally for the first half of 2021. This is different than purely album sales numbers, because it is the only data available that can analyze how many “end users” there are for an album, or in other words, how many “true fans” or real purchasers there are.

Out of all of the K-Pop artists studied for this data collection, ATEEZ is ranked at #2 for the artist with the most album authentications worldwide, with only BTS ranking higher!

Out of all the albums authenticated in the first half of the year globally, ATEEZ’s numbers accounted for 9.94% of the total. That means that about 1 in every 10 albums authenticated this year so far were ATEEZ albums!

ATEEZ’s Seonghwa

The albums from the group included in this data are, in order of most to least album authentications:

1. ZERO: FEVER Part.2

Released March 1, 2021 with 462.8k sales

2. ZERO: FEVER Part.1 

Released July 29, 2020 with 379.5k sales

3. Treasure Epilogue: Action To Answer

Released January 6, 2020 with 184.3k sales

4. Treasure Ep.3: One To All

Released June 10, 2019 with 180.1k sales

5. Treasure Ep.1: All To Zero

Released October 24, 2018 with 85.1k sales

6. Treasure Ep.Fin: All To Action

Released October 8, 2019 with 209.3k sales

7. Treasure Ep.2: Zero To One

Released January 15, 2019 with 100.0k sales

8. The Fellowship: Map The Treasure Seoul DVD

Released October 14, 2020

Since ZERO: FEVER Part.2 was released this year, and also set a new record for ATEEZ in initial chodong (or first week) sales at around 300,000 copies, it’s not surprising that it saw the highest authentication numbers by far!

Perhaps most impressively, ATEEZ takes the title for the highest authentication rate in the United States! In fact, they made up 36.3% of all albums authenticated in the country — or, in other words, slightly more than 1 in 3 authentications in the U.S. were ATEEZ albums!

ATEEZ’s San | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

Their second-highest percentage of authentications came from France, where they made up 9.67% of the total numbers, and third was Malaysia, with 8.04% of the total. The rest of their top ten, in order, was Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, Singapore, Japan, Australia, and Thailand.

This goes to show how popular ATEEZ is in western countries such as those in Europe, which is especially impressive when you remember that KQ Entertainment didn’t initially try to market to a global audience more than Korean!

ATEEZ’s Hongjoong | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

It’s clear from this data that the global popularity of ATEEZ has increased dramatically over the last year, and hopefully these trends will continue and their influence will keep growing for years to come!

Source: Hanteo