ATEEZ’s “Guerrilla” Challenge Proves To Be So Difficult That No Other K-Pop Idol Has Attempted It Yet

Yet they make it look so easy somehow!

ATEEZ recently had a comeback with the album The World EP.1: Movement and its respective title track, “Guerrilla”.

Not only is the song incredible, but as with all of ATEEZ’s releases, it came with a powerful and high-energy choreography that looks exhausting to perform, yet the members make it look easy!

And as is often the trend with K-Pop songs these days, the group made a challenge for the song for fans and fellow idols to dance along to.

Of course, given that the choreography for “Guerrilla” is incredibly complex and powerful, so is the challenge.

Despite this being a challenge, however, San shared that they didn’t go around asking for other K-Pop idols to do it with them, just because it’s so hard! In fact, they have since said that if any idol does want to do the challenge, that they can come knock on their waiting room door.

As far as we know, this hasn’t happened for a challenge before, and the reactions and responses to the revelation from San are understanding and hilarious 😂

We do hope that some K-Pop idols decide to take on the challenge, though!