The 3 K-Pop B-Side Tracks Of 2022 That Were Better Than The Title Tracks, According To Fans

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Usually, the song chosen as the title track for a K-Pop album becomes the most popular song on said album, in terms of streams, music chart rankings, and other ways. They get promoted the most of any song from the album — sometimes the only track to get promotion — and thus, more people are more likely to hear the song.

There are some instances, however, where a B-side track on a K-Pop album is so good that it ends up overshadowing the title track! And this year, there have been a couple instances of this happening.

Recently on an online forum, netizens discussed what they believe to be the three B-side tracks that most overshadowed the title tracks of their respective albums.

The first of the three B-side tracks chosen by these commenters was “Polaroid Love” by ENHYPEN.

“Polaroid Love” was the tenth track on the group’s repackaged album, Dimension: Answer, which was released on January 10. The title track of the album was “Blessed-Cursed”, and while it also performed well, “Polaroid Love” did outperform it in some ways.

Most notably, while “Blessed-Cursed” currently has just under 56 million streams on Spotify, “Polaroid Love” is at nearly 147 million streams — making it their third most-streamed song only after “Fever” (another notable B-side track) and “Drunk-Dazed”.

The second of the three B-side tracks mentioned is “A Journey” by DAY6 member Wonpil.

The song is the tenth and final track off of the soloist’s debut studio album, Pilmography, which was released on February 7. The title track of the album is “Voiceless”, and while it does have more streams on Spotify — 1.63 million compared to 1.25 million — it isn’t by much, and the B-side has clearly caught the fandom’s attention.

Finally, the last B-side track mentioned by netizens is “DARARI” by TREASURE.

“DARARI” is the third song on the group’s first EP, The Second Step: Chapter One, which came out on February 15. The title track of the album, “JIKJIN”, was far from being a flop, but “DARARI” managed to go viral on TikTok which skyrocketed it to great heights. At this time, “JIKJIN” has about 59 million streams on Spotify while “DARARI” has 131 million.

Were there any other B-side tracks released this year that should have been on this list?

Source: Pann Nate