The Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart Just Got Overtaken With 5 New K-Pop Songs

This is a first for a couple of the artists on this list!

Most weeks on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart see new K-Pop songs debuting, usually with one or two new songs from the genre on the list. However, this week the list saw a whopping 5 new K-Pop songs debut, from both soloists and groups!

TREASURE’s Junkyu | @treasuremembers/Twitter

The songs that end up on the chart each week are based on which international singles are making the most sales as of that week in the United States, so it’s always impressive when K-Pop songs make it onto the chart, especially from rookie groups!

TREASURE’s Junghwan | @treasuremembers/Twitter

The highest-charting new song on the list this week is “Gimme Gimme” by NCT 127. It’s usually particularly difficult for Japanese-language songs by K-Pop groups to make it onto the chart, and “Gimme Gimme” is debuting this week at #4, which makes it even more impressive!

NCT 127 as a sub-unit has had 14 songs chart on the World Digital Song Sales chart now, with their highest-peaking song being “Simon Says”, which reached #1 back in 2018! “Firetruck” and “Regular” both take the second highest-peaking positions, with each reaching #2 on the chart.

The next highest-charting new K-Pop song on the chart this week is “Paranoia” by Kang Daniel, which comes right behind NCT 127 at #5. This is actually the first song by the soloist to make it onto this particular Billboard chart, though Wanna One‘s “Energetic” and “Beautiful” did both make it onto the list at #6 and #15 respectively in 2017. For being his first song to chart, “Paranoia” placed impressively high!

Another soloist charted a new song on the list this week: Chungha, with her newest song “Bicycle” off of her highly-anticipated first full-length album, Querencia. It makes its debut at #11 this week and is her 6th song to make it onto this Billboard chart, with her single “Stay Tonight” reaching the highest position at #4 in 2020.

Rookie group TREASURE once again proves their already immense popularity with “Beautiful” becoming their 7th song to make the chart since their debut last year! Like with “Gimme Gimme”, what makes this even more impressive is that it’s a Japanese song made as an OST for the anime Black Clover, so although it ranks at #23 out of 25 songs, it’s still incredible that it made it onto the chart.

The YG Entertainment boy group’s highest-charting song so far is their debut song “BOY”, which peaked at #7 last year. With so many charted songs under their belt so far, it’s incredible to think just how far they’ll go!

And finally, the fifth new K-Pop song debuting on the Billboard chart this week is “Hello”, a collaboration by LOONA‘s Chuu and DRIPPIN‘s Lee Hyeop. The song, which was made as an OST for the K-Drama Fling at Convenience Store, finishes off the list at #25 for its debut.

Chuu has had a solo song make the list before — with “Spring Flower” reaching #5 in 2020 — and LOONA as a group has had 8 songs chart before. This is, however, Lee Hyeop’s first song to make the list, both as a soloist and for his group, so congratulations to him!

Congratulations, too, to everyone who had songs debut on the Billboard chart this week!