MNH Entertainment To Debut A New K-Pop Boy Group In January, Featuring Former Contestants From “I-LAND” And “BOYS24”

This comes only a few months after they disbanded BVNDIT.

On December 20, MNH Entertainment — home to Chungha and the recently disbanded girl group BVNDIT — announced that they’re working on debuting a new K-Pop boy group, called B.O.M, early next year.

B.O.M | @bom_bf1_twt/Twitter

B.O.M (Boys of MNH), the first ever rookie boy group to be introduced by us, will be making their debut early next year.

— MNH Entertainment

The group consists of eight members, including two who appeared on the popular survival shows I-LAND and BOYS24. Because of this, there is a higher level of expectation from the upcoming boy group than usual.

The two past survival show contestants are Moon Jaeyun (also known as Alex Moon) and Cho Kyungmin, who appeared on BOYS24 in 2016 and I-LAND in 2020 respectively. Jaeyun also appeared on MIXNINE in 2017.

Jaeyun on BOYS24
Kyungmin on I-LAND

The oldest member of B.O.M is Myungho, born on October 12, 2001. Little has been shared about him so far, apart from that he’s 177cm (5’9.5″) tall and is listed as a vocalist.

Jaeyun is listed as the leader and vocalist of the group, and is also the second-oldest, born on July 2, 2002. He’s 178cm (5’10”) tall, has an ENFP personality type, and has said that Lana Del Ray is his favorite singer.

The third-oldest member is Minho, born on October 14, 2002 and also listed as a vocalist. He’s 179cm (5’10.5″) tall, and is apparently the “mom” of the group!

Next up is Yoonsung, one of the middle-aged members of the group, born on November 13, 2003. He’s 177cm (5’9.5″) tall, also presumably a vocalist, and is considered the “mood maker” of the group. He can also play piano.

Haemin is the next oldest of B.O.M, born on March 16, 2004. He’s 183cm (6’0″) tall, making him the second-tallest of the group! His position is listed as a vocalist as well, and he studied at the prestigious Hanlim Arts School in the Video Production department.

The earlier-mentioned Kyungmin is next in age, born on October 28, 2004. He’s the tallest member of B.O.M at 185cm (6’1″), he’s a vocalist, and his personality type is ENFP. Originally, when he was still under HYBE Labels, he was supposed to be a member of the group that is now &TEAM, but ended up leaving the company in May 2021.

The second-youngest member of B.O.M is Yungyu, born on September 7, 2005. He’s 175cm (5’9″) tall, is listed as one of the two rappers in the group, and is described by the other members as a “puppy”.

Finally, Seungheon is the maknae of the group, born on May 15, 2007. Little is known about him so far, apart from that he’s also a rapper of B.O.M and is 171cm (5’7″) tall.

It will be interesting to see how well B.O.M do, especially after the recent controversy over MNH Entertainment’s management after the disbandment of BVNDIT. We hope for only the best for the members of this pre-debut group!