K-Pop Fans Notice An Unsettling Rise In Impersonators Of BTS’s Jimin

It goes beyond just Oli London.

Impersonating celebrities is nothing new. There are tons of people that even make a living by impersonating icons like Elvis and Michael Jackson, while others just go viral due to their resemblance to celebrities like Ariana Grande.

Ariana Grande and impersonator Paige Niemann

K-Pop idols are no exception to this kind of behavior from non-idols, and most of the time it’s pretty harmless. There are even tons of makeup tutorials on YouTube that teach viewers how to make themselves look more like certain idols!

But when it comes to BTS‘s Jimin — one of the most beloved idols in South Korea — fans are concerned that some impersonators might be taking it too far.

Jimin | BigHit Music

Most people might first think of Oli London when this topic is discussed, but there are many other people, especially on TikTok, that actually look somewhat similar to Jimin. And also unlike Oli, most of these look-alikes are harmless and just having some fun with their visuals!


ulitin ko lang HAHA #iannoeldeleon #fypシ #foryou

♬ I Don’t Mind – Fammouzz.Khariiiii

A recent post on Reddit by user u/grahamchracker, however, highlights some of the more problematic behaviors that they believe some of these impersonators have.

For example, one TikToker went so far as to host his own “fan meeting” while pretending to be Jimin, which is pretty unusual.


🐣 #パチジミン #pachijimin

♬ オリジナル楽曲 – パチ・ジミン – パチ・ジミン


DNA #bts 방탄소년단 #army #jimin #パチジミン #pachijimin #dnabts

♬ オリジナル楽曲 – パチ・ジミン – パチ・ジミン

Another allegedly went so far as to recreate Jimin’s Instagram posts to the point where it was, according to the Redditor, “a littttle creepy”.

They even shared a compilation of these “Jimin look-alikes”, which range from almost believable to… Strange.


it’s always Jimin like…. #foru #foryoupage #foryou #bts #jimin #fyp #foru #foryou #foryoupage #foryourpage #army #bts #blackpopstan #fypp #fyp #foryoupage #funny #kpop #foru #fyp #foryourpage #army #bts #fypp #foryoupage #foryou #fyp

♬ oh my god bruh oh hell na man – ok9172917

Others had a lot to say in the comments on the post, mostly agreeing with the opinion of the original poster in that these impersonators can take it too far, often because of comments they get telling them that they look like a certain K-Pop idol.

Whether or not these impersonators are actually doing any harm, most agree that they’re at least cringy!

Source: Reddit