BTS’s V Reaches New Heights In Instagram Followers, Surpassing A Popular K-Pop Group

His influential reach just keeps growing!

Since BTS‘s V opened his Instagram account, along with the other members of the group, back in December 2021, the K-Pop idol has been quickly gaining followers as his popularity has grown worldwide.


As he nears the 50 million followers mark on the social media platform, V just recently surpassed the account of a popular K-Pop group that has been on Instagram for much longer!


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V has now accumulated about 47.8 million followers, surpassing BLACKPINK‘s 47.7 million followers, and also making him the 6th most-followed K-Pop artist on Instagram.

Current number of Instagram followers for V and BLACKPINK

Along with this, he’s also the most-followed male K-Pop idol on the platform!

In terms of his influence, website HypeAuditor ranks Instagram profiles based on authentic engagement and other factors. Based on this data, V ranks #9 with his engagement rate, making him the only K-Pop artist to be in the top 10!

Top-ranking Instagram influencers

Congratulations to V, and here’s to the BTS member breaking even more social media records in the future!