K-Pop Composer Shares Why Nayeon and Jihyo Get The Most Parts In TWICE’s Songs

The famous composer gave his honest thoughts.

The YouTube channel, Gurachul recently uploaded an interview with the K-Pop composing duo, Black Eyed Pilseung, which consists of Choi Kyu Sung and Rado.


Black Eyed Pilseung first became famous after they wrote SISTAR‘s song, “Touch My Body”, followed by TWICE‘s hit songs such as “LIKEY” and “Cheer Up.”

And Rado explained how the parts were distributed among TWICE members.

According to Rado, TWICE’s lead vocalists are Nayeon and Jihyo, and the distribution of parts is up to the composer.

Rado then provided additional reasons for why they were given more parts.

First of all, Nayeon’s voice is very refreshing and cute. And Jihyo is just a really good singer.

— Rado

Rado added,

I think the start, chorus, and the ending are the most important in a song. A good singer has to start off the song if you want people to view the group as good singers.

— Rado

Furthermore, Rado shared the behind story of Sana‘s infamous “shy shy shy” part in “Cheer Up” and how it was originally supposed to go to another member.

We originally asked Dahyun to take the part, but her throat condition wasn’t good. So we asked Sana, and she handled it very well.

— Rado

When Kim Gu Ra asked an additional question of what Tzuyu’s role is, Rado gave his honest thoughts.

Tzuyu is pretty.

— Rado

Check out the honest interview regarding idols’ part distributions below:


Source: Dispatch