K-Pop Debuts Have Taken Over The Billboard Song Sales Chart This Week

Plus, seven new K-Pop songs overall made it onto the chart for the first time!

While it’s not uncommon at all for several new K-Pop songs to make their way onto Billboard‘s World Digital Song Sales chart each week, the week of June 26 is an especially exciting one for K-Pop fans!

The World Digital Song Sales chart is a weekly chart by Billboard that lists the 25 best-selling international singles in the United States as of that week. Not only have seven new K-Pop songs debuted on the chart this week, but five of those songs are from freshly debuted groups or soloists that have released their own music for the first time!

GOT7’s BamBam

The highest-ranking K-Pop debut on the chart this week is “I Want U Around” by GOT7‘s Yugyeom ft. DeVita. This is one of the tracks off of his debut album, Point of View: U, which was released on June 17. For its first week on the chart, it ranks at an impressive #2!

It’s not Yugyeom’s only song to make the chart this time around, however. The title track from the album, “All Your Fault” (ft. Gray), also debuted on the list, coming in at #18. Having two songs off of a new soloist’s album trend at the same time is pretty uncommon, so Yugyeom should be proud of himself!

The next highest-ranking song on the list is the debut song of a brand new girl group: “Vanilla” by LIGHTSUM! The group, who debuted with this song on June 10, is Cube Entertainment‘s newest artist, and “Vanilla” is ranked at #8 on this chart already!

Though the next new song on the chart isn’t by a just-debuted artist, it’s still worth mentioning! TXT‘s “Magic” has taken the K-Pop world by storm and spends its first week on the Billboard chart at #13. It’s also their 20th song to make this list!

Next on the list of freshly debuted artists outside of their original group are WayV‘s Kun & Xiaojun with their first duo song, “Back To You”. These two impressive vocalists are ranked at #16 for their first time on the chart, and though it’s not a Korean-language song, they’re part of the K-Pop industry, so it’s still worth mentioning!

The last new soloist to have a song rank on the chart this week is another GOT7 member: BamBam! His solo debut song, “riBBon”, spends its first week on the chart at #17, though it could certainly end up ranking higher at some point! The song was released on June 15 as the title track of his debut album of the same name.

And finally, the last new K-Pop song to chart this week is a pretty surprising one. It’s actually a song by BTS that was released off of their second full-length Japanese album, Youth, that was released back in September of 2016! The song, “Wishing On A Star”, is ranked at #20 for its debut. Only BTS could have a nearly five-year-old song leap onto a Billboard chart!

Congratulations to all the newly charting artists!