K-Pop Fan Hilariously And Accurately Predicts Comeback Clothes For EXO’s D.O.

It’s like she spoke it into existence!

Fan account of GOT7‘s Jackson Wang, khb1 (@teamwangs on Twitter), posted pictures of a new style of jeans by the Korean brand LEJE. Having been a K-Pop fan for years, she knows that idols can sometimes wear unique clothing that we wouldn’t normally think to wear otherwise.

| @teamwangs/Twitter

These pants seem like something straight out of the Matrix trilogy! With uneven cuts of denim, the pants appear like a mind-bending optical illusion.


Having posted just a week before the release of the teaser photos for EXO‘s album DON’T FIGHT THE FEELING, it now seems that khb1 predicted the stylings! In D.O.‘s solo photos, he is seen wearing pants that seem exactly like one of the jeans that khb1 previously posted an image of.

D.O. | @weareoneEXO/Twitter

Immediately, she noticed the similarity. Amazed by her own prophecy, she sent apologies to D.O. in case she had manifested it.

| @teamwangs/Twitter

It’s always important to be cautious when we post, but especially so with theories or predictions. Who knows when they may result in a true prophecy?

Source: theqoo and Image (1) and (2)