K-Pop Fan Warns Against Idol Diets After Being Hospitalized

Trying Jackson Wang’s diet landed her in the hospital after just a couple of days.

Borararax2 has clarified in an email to Koreaboo, “I’d also like to clear the air and say that I had no intentions of losing weight for trying this diet for more than three days. I was simply curious about the diet, thinking it would end positively, and wanted to share my experience. Some people have said ‘don’t drag Jackson into this mess’ or ‘[don’t] blame him,’ which I never said or intended to do.”

In what has become a viral TikTok video, content creator Borararax2 shared that she was recently hospitalized after trying the “K-Pop diet” of one of her favorite idols, GOT7‘s Jackson Wang.

While these K-Pop weight loss plans have actually long served as road maps for many trying to shed pounds, Borararax2 ended up advising against these methods — based on her terrifying experience.

Content creator Borararax2 | Borararax2/YouTube

Borararax2 revealed that she chose to try Jackson’s diet for three days. At the beginning of the adventure-gone-wrong, everything seemed to be okay as she was mainly cutting out carbs and substituting Jackson’s “healthier” options to satiate her hunger. It did, however, take a wild turn for her as she started learning new things about her body.

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For example, Jackson’s go-to breakfast is a “detox shake,” which contains a ton of fruits and vegetables. Borararax2 also tried having the fruity concoction each day. Except…

| Borararax2/YouTube

…she eventually learned that she actually has sensitivities to glucose, fructose, and lactose. It was only after she landed in the hospital that she found out she has these severe intolerances!

And because fruits like apples and pears especially come with high fructose content, even if it’s naturally occurring, the detox shake intake had been extremely detrimental to Borararax2’s condition.

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By the second day, unfortunately, Borararax2 started to feel sick and ended up in the hospital. She had to get an upper endoscopy, a surgery that involves having a tube down the throat. She now encourages others to be cautious when trying idol diets.

Indeed, it is important to remember that everyone’s body is different!

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Check out Borararax2’s TikTok below…


jackson wangs food choices literally make me sick 🤢 #fyp #kpop #jacksonwang #got7 #diet

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…and the full video on YouTube:

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