K-Pop Fans Believe Rookie Group BAE173’s Maknae Member Is Set To Be The Next “It Boy”

“He grew up so well…”

Rookie boy group BAE173 debuted November 2020 — welcoming back two of the former X1 members, Hangyul and Dohyon. And after seeing this nine-membered group dominate the stage…

BAE173 | @BAE173_official/Twitter

… K-Pop fans are convinced: These rookies are most definitely success-bound.

While each and every member brings something special to the group, fans can’t keep their eyes off the maknae

BAE173’s Dohyon | @BAE173_official/Twitter

… Dohyon! Since the beginning of Produce X 101, Dohyon has been the center of attention for his “Giant Baby” status.

Dohyon on “Produce X 101”. | Twitter

That visual has since blossomed even more:

The 17-year-old maknae is said to have now reached 6’1″ (around 184cm) in height…

| @avec_ndh/Twitter

… and fans believe Dohyon is going to be the next “It Boy” in K-Pop — with the talent, the visual, and even the physique!

Fueled by the support and interest, this teenage boy wonder continues to wow.

Ready or not, here comes Dohyon!

Source: theqoo