K-Pop Fans Compare The Motion Logos Of Every “Produce” K-Pop Group

Which one is your favorite?

Now that the official name and logo of the Boys Planet K-Pop group, ZEROBASEONE, has been announced, fans of the Produce and Planet series have been comparing it to those of survival show groups of the past.

ZEROBASEONE’s logo | @ZB1_official/Twitter

The moving logos of all of the past Produce and Planet K-Pop groups (apart from I.O.I for some reason) have been shared on an online forum, where fans have shared their opinions on which one is best.

The oldest logo shared on the post is that of Wanna One. Still one of the most successful Produce-related K-Pop groups to this day, the logo does a great job of incorporating the Produce 101 theme along with the number of members — 11 — that were in the group.

IZ*ONE‘s moving logo was a great blend of space aesthetics and pink, feminine charm. Though not everyone is a fan of their name even now, most can agree that their logo suited them well.

While X1 was short-lived, it still lives on in many fans’ hearts! The moving logo for the K-Pop group got creative with butterfly symbolism, and it would have been interesting to see what they did with this theme in the future if the group hadn’t been disbanded.

Based on the comments on the post, Kep1er‘s name and logo aren’t as well-liked as those of the Produce groups. They clearly went for a space-like theme as well, but it doesn’t seem to have been as effective as IZ*ONE’s.

And finally, now that ZEROBASEONE has their own moving logo, it’s being compared to those above. Similar to Kep1er’s, it seems that a lot of people are a bit underwhelmed by the design, and its name isn’t catching on to everyone either.

Here’s how fans are reacting to seeing all of the logos together, and sharing which ones appeal the most to them.

What’s your opinion on the different logos of these survival show groups?

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa