Fans Discuss Which K-Pop Groups Have No “Dance-Holes” Among Their Members

Do you agree with their top choices?

You may have heard of the term “visual-hole” in K-Pop, often used in a derogatory way to criticize how a certain idol looks. Similarly, the term “dance-hole” is used when talking about an idol who may not be quite as skilled of a performer as other members in their group.

It can be argued that there are no actual “dance-holes” in K-Pop, since all of them need to have a certain level of skill in dancing in order to debut. However, there are definitely some groups who have members who are all on a higher level with their dancing abilities, and recently, K-Pop fans discussed which groups deserve to be considered as such on an online forum!


One K-Pop group that seemed to come up perhaps the most times was rookie girl group LE SSERAFIM. Even though they debuted less than a year ago, they’ve quickly made a name for themselves for having a very high level of performance abilities. They also frequently get praised for their incredible physiques, which undoubtedly play a role in their dancing skills!

Another girl group mentioned by several commenters on the post is TWICE! For a group with nine members, their synchronization is particularly impressive, especially since plenty of their dances are on the more difficult side as well. After over seven years together, their ability to dance well together hasn’t faded at all, and has probably become even better!

Of course, a topic like this wouldn’t be complete without the mention of SEVENTEEN. For a group as large as they are, with thirteen members, it seems only natural that they would appear at least a little messier than smaller groups, but that’s far from the case. Their level of synchronization is on another level, which is made only more impressive by the fact that they’re heavily self-produced and self-choreographed!

TXT is another boy group that was mentioned multiple times by commenters. While they do only have five members, each of them is definitely above proficient with their dancing abilities. And even though they’re all tall — especially Soobin — which often makes dancing cleanly more difficult, that doesn’t seem to affect them at all!

Finally, ENHYPEN received numerous mentions among the comments on the post as well. They had a lot of hype leading up to their debut thanks to the members’ participation on I-LAND, and they definitely didn’t disappoint when it comes to their performance abilities. They’re not technically rookies anymore, but then again, they never seemed to be with their high level of skill!

Are there any other K-Pop groups that you think should be added to the list?

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa
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