K-Pop Fans Are Both Excited And Disappointed With SM Entertainment’s Comeback Schedule

“When is EXO ever going to return?”

Despite all of the ongoing legal issues that SM Entertainment is dealing with currently, they recently released the comeback schedule for their K-Pop artists through May 2023.

The schedule includes all of the releases that have happened so far this year — Super Junior‘s The Road album, GOT the Beat‘s Stamp On It album, Yesung‘s Sensory Flows album, NCT 127‘s Ay-Yo album, and Key‘s Killer album — as well as what we can expect for the next couple of months!

NCT 127 | SM Entertainment

Yesung is planned to release another special album on February 27, titled Floral Sense. It’s the last release for February according to the schedule.

Yesung (Super Junior) | SM Entertainment

In March, there are three soloists who will apparently be releasing albums! The first is SHINee‘s Onew, who is set to release his first full-length studio album, Circle, sometime during the month.

Onew (SHINee) | SM Entertainment

Next up is EXO‘s Kai, who is planning to come out with his third mini-album, Rover, during March as well.

Kai (EXO) | SM Entertainment

Finally, solo queen Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation will also apparently be releasing a mini-album in March, though further details haven’t been shared yet!

Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation) | SM Entertainment

April has two artists listed for comebacks according to the released schedule. One of the most heavily anticipated group comebacks is undoubtedly aespa, and they will apparently be releasing their first full album in April!

aespa | SM Entertainment

And interestingly, the second artist listed for April is an NCT subunit, though the unit itself is not specified. They’re scheduled to release a mini-album, but whether it’s an already-developed NCT subunit or a new one is unknown at this time.

NCT 127 | SM Entertainment

Finally, there are also two SM Entertainment artists scheduled for a comeback sometime in May. Excitedly for second-generation fans, SHINee will apparently be releasing a full-length album during the month!

SHINee | SM Entertainment

The second artist listed for May is, similar to the NCT subunit, pretty vague. It’s listed simply as a mini-album release by a solo member of NCT, without further information besides that at this time.

NCT | SM Entertainment

While K-Pop fans are excited about a lot of these upcoming comebacks, there is some disappointment as well, namely that there isn’t any mention of a full-group EXO comeback. Now that Baekhyun has returned from the army and Kai is set to enlist soon, EXO-Ls are desperately hoping that they’ll have a comeback soon before Kai has to go.

| The Qoo

  • Taeyeon’s mini-album! T-T
  • Wow… SM Entertainment’s going to let Onew have a solo album…
  • When is EXO ever going to return? Heh.
  • I wonder who the NCT solo is.
  • Taeyeon’s coming back! With a 5th mini-album!
  • No EXO…? I’m at a loss for words… Pfft.
  • So Taeyeon’s probably going to drop the mini-album and then hold the concert, huh?

EXO | SM Entertainment

It’s not just Korean fans, but also international fans who are expressing their excitement and also their dismay that there isn’t any mention of EXO in this schedule.

Hopefully this isn’t a complete schedule for SM Entertainment’s artists, and that EXO will get to have their long-awaited comeback soon!

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa