K-Pop Fans Mock Simon Cowell After His Boy Band Venture Reportedly Flops

This comes after his controversial statements.

K-Pop fans are laughing at Simon Cowell‘s apparent recent failure.

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Simon Cowell is an English television personality, entrepreneur, and record executive known for his part in creating some of the biggest musical acts, including One Direction and Little Mix.

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In early June, Cowell announced that he would be looking for the next big act, as One Direction had been on hiatus for several years. While this announcement would normally not ruffle feathers, the way it was said did not sit correctly.

He said no musical act since One Direction has hit the same level of fame over the 14 years since their debut.

Every generation deserves a megastar boyband and I don’t think there has been one to have the success of One Direction in over 14 years. The industry tends to focus on solo artists – so it usually takes someone from outside to put a group together.

— Simon Cowell

Naturally, fans of One Direction did not take to this kindly. Fans of K-pop groups, specifically BTS, called out Cowell for his “western-centric” perspective, ignoring the success of multiple groups.

Now it seems K-Pop fans have gotten the last laugh.

Cowell’s efforts to form this new boyband will be documented in a Netflix series titled The Midas Touch, with auditions announced to take place in Liverpool, Dublin, and London.


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On June 7, the first of these auditions took place in Liverpool and reportedly had a poor turnout. According The Sun, throughout the auditions, the line rarely reached over forty people, a poor showing compared to other audition programs, including the X Factor.

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This information was reposted on X, where many heckled Cowell, including K-Pop fans.

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