“I Ain’t Never Seen The Others In My Life” — Fans React To The Top 10 K-Pop Rookie Boy Groups

How many do you know?

There have been a lot of new K-Pop boy groups debuting in the last couple of years, from big and small labels alike. These artists are generally considered rookies for about the first two years of their career no matter where they debuted from or how successful they are, so any group that debuted from late 2021 until now fit this criterion.

RIIZE | SM Entertainment

Recently, the brand reputation rankings for rookie male K-Pop idol groups were revealed, and it has fans talking due to how many of them are unfamiliar with a large number of the groups in the top ten.

BOYNEXTDOOR | KOZ Entertainment

The top three on the list are probably fairly predictable — they go to ZEROBASEONERIIZE, and BOYNEXTDOOR. ZEROBASEONE’s popularity comes from the members’ participation on Boys Planet, while RIIZE and BOYNEXTDOOR are both under “Big Four” labels (SM Entertainment and HYBE Labels respectively).


Past that, the groups become relatively less well-known. Fourth place goes to virtual idol group PLAVE, fifth to EVNNE (made up of runners-up from Boys Planet), and sixth to FANTASY BOYS (made up of the finalists from My Teenage Boy).


Seventh place is taken by TEMPEST (under Yuehua Entertainment), eighth by YOUNITE (managed by Brand New Music), ninth by NINE.i (under FirstOne Entertainment), and finally tenth goes to THE WIND (working under WithUs Entertainment).

A forum post discussing these rankings was recently made online, and a lot of the discussion revolves around how many of the commenters don’t know most of the groups on the list.

On Twitter, though, there does seem to be a bit more recognition for the smaller groups!

How many of these boy groups are you familiar with?

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa