“Diss Track?” K-Pop Fans React To Travis Scott, Bad Bunny, And The Weeknd’s New Song “KPOP”

The response is mixed.

It has been announced that American rapper Travis Scott, Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny, and Canadian music artist The Weeknd (also known as Abel Tesfaye) have teamed up for a collaboration single.

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This already sounds like it has the potential to be a musical fusion of cultures. Yet, the track is also titled “KPOP,” which sounds a lot like the name of a popular music genre from South Korea.

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“KPOP” will be the first single from Travis Scott’s new album UTOPIA. It drops on July 21.

The announcement of the single’s title naturally caught the attention of K-Pop fans worldwide. It was met with many mixed reactions. A lot were negative due to The Weeknd’s participation since many have grown a strong dislike for him due to The Idol. Many K-Pop fans’ initial reactions were that the musicians chose to release a song called “KPOP” for clout.


like i saw a couple “i have a bad feeling” comments ☠️ #keehosfiance #bts #kpop

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Some had genuine speculations and theories on what “KPOP” would be like. Others were so curious that they planned to listen to it to find out the truth.

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One common theory is that “KPOP” could be a diss track toward the music genre K-Pop. So, K-Pop fans have joked that it could potentially end fan wars and unify fandoms if Travis Scott, The Weeknd, and Bad Bunny say anything critical.


The one and only time the entirety of kpop stans will unite #kpop #kpopers #kpopstan #kpopfyp #bighit_official_bts #blackpink #straykids #ateez


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Yet, a few have wondered if it could just be a fun song with lots of wordplay, referencing K-Pop, including namedropping idol groups. So, K-Pop fans have guessed potential lyrics.

Honestly, this isn’t a terrible guess, especially considering The Weeknd’s activity. He not only worked with BLACKPINK‘s Jennie on The Idol, but he also gave a shoutout to NewJeans recently.

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Still, the popular response to the collaboration announcement for “KPOP” was that it could be a diss track. Netizens, including “locals” or non-fans, have mixed feelings about it, though.

Yet, Korean netizens were even more upset over the cover art for “KPOP” due to its resemblance to the Japanese flag. Read more below.

Travis Scott’s Upcoming Song “KPOP” Is Slammed For Cultural Appropriation And Artwork Resembling The Japanese Flag

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